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The Dirty Secret For A Perfect Ponytail

Do you ever get done with a good workout at the gym, shamelessly go a few days without washing your hair, yet your ponytail looks better than ever? Well here is the dirty secret for a perfect pony… Salt and water is a hair product in itself- the natural ingredients in sweat are essentially re-created and bottled… Read more »


No More Basic Braids, Add “Braid Chains” to Your Look

Look out for “Braid Chains” as they make their debut in 2017. This look was first spotted on the 2017 SAG Awards red carpet, where The Crown’s Vanessa Kirby wore a braided updo with a tangle of silver chains elegantly woven through it. The look was created by hairstylist and OG Marie Claire Image Maker Adir Aberel, who… Read more »


Stealing Beauty

Embrace your natural beauty with the No Make-Up Make-up trend. This look is great for the warmer months and is simple and quick. The secret to this is good skincare as your base. Identify problem areas, tackle with targeted skincare, then add a splash of product to enhance and refine.