The Dirty Secret For A Perfect Ponytail

Do you ever get done with a good workout at the gym, shamelessly go a few days without washing your hair, yet your ponytail looks better than ever? Well here is the dirty secret for a perfect pony…

Salt and water is a hair product in itself- the natural ingredients in sweat are essentially re-created and bottled in traditional setting sprays. When you have a slight dampness and the salt and oils dry, then you take your hair down, and you have beautiful waves. If daily dance cardio classes don’t seem like the most practical styling tool, there’s a way to approximate the look. You can go up to 80 percent dry with the blow-dryer, which will emulate the same humidity levels found in the gym. Then add in a mist of product and twist it up. Adding that leave-in conditioner also works and makes your hair wavy the second day. Endorphin-boosting workouts aside, that sounds like the next best failsafe feel-good solution.

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