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No-Wash Wonders

Some days are busier than others. And one of the easiest ways to shave some time off your morning routine (while reducing our water and energy consumption!) is to skip washing your hair… Depending on your hair type, washing it every other day or even just two or three times a week is actually beneficial. … Read more »


Expand your Margins

We’ve all been encouraged to “expand your horizons.”  Everywhere we look, we’re encouraged to try new things. Live life to the full.  Leave no stone unturned. Do more! I’m all for staying open to new experiences, but what about expanding your margins? What? What does it mean to expand your margins? Just like a page… Read more »


All About Brows

What’s the quickest way to wear a polished look every day? Doing your brows! There are two simple steps to achieving an effortless beauty: 1) Come in for a brow wax. Takes less than 15 minutes! Defines brows in a clean arched shape Makes eyes look larger and brighter even without makeup Check out our… Read more »