Simple Self Care

This week I searched the web for some clever tips to help us feel beautiful from the inside out.  Whether your stress comes from being chained to a desk, from chasing a toddler, or anything in between, here are some super speedy ways to rejuvenate!

1) Practice self-massage.

Buzfeed presents a list—complete with instructions and images—of massages you can do yourself to bring release in just a few moments.  Whatever your minor ache or pain, you can find a tip or trick to ease it here:

2) Create a relaxing routine.

Another way to combat stress is to get enough sleep.  But sometimes its hard to get your spinning brain to shut down.  That’s where a relaxing nighttime ritual can help.

Kathleen Mulpeeter, senior editor of, makes this suggestion:
“Step 1: Turn off the TV around 10 p.m. and force myself to stop refreshing my Facebook feed.
Step 2: Make a cup of chamomile tea.
Step 3: Turn off all lights in my bedroom, light a few candles, and set up my yoga mat.”  She uses a gentle yoga practice found on an online streaming service.

3) Work on your posture.

A real-time way to feel more energized and keep stress and fatigue at bay is to sit up straight!  The website Keep Inspiring Me quotes Dr. Kenton Fibel’s point that sloppy posture can impact health in many ways.  These negative effects range from “poor circulation to jaw pain, fatigue, headaches, and sexual dysfunction.”

For an active way to improve your posture, “try sitting up straight in your chair, placing your hands on your thighs and squeezing your shoulder blades together. Hold for five seconds before releasing, and repeat three or four times throughout the day.”

4) Take pleasure in the achievements of others.

Stress can also come from comparing ourselves to others.  In fighting against this unnecessary pressure, Buzzfeed writer Ailbhe Makone notes, “The greatest thing I have learned is to be proud – not envious – of my friends. It is so wonderful to be able to feel happy for somebody else’s successes, and to know they are feeling the same thing for you when you do well.”  Give someone a compliment today!

These are my top picks for the week.  I hope they help you relax, refresh, and remember to be beautiful inside and out!