Christine’s Aveda–Holistic Beauty

Christine Woodard’s career as a hair stylist was inspired by her degree in psychology.

As part of her studies, she completed an internship which was particularly stressful.  During this time Christine noticed that using her 15 minute break for self-care—something as simple as washing her face or brushing her hair—made a significant improvement in her ability to cope with the pressures of her responsibilities.  For her, a beauty routine wasn’t just about appearance; it was one step toward holistic wellness.

Intrigued, Christine decided to pursue this discovery through her senior thesis.  She researched the link between small self-care rituals and increased resilience against stress.  Study after study agreed with what she had experienced during her internship: there is a strong correlation between caring for one’s appearance and improvements in mood, creating a positive impact on the whole person.

But Christine’s discovery didn’t end with her senior thesis or the completion of her degree; she turned it into action by attending beauty school and becoming a hair stylist!

To this day, Christine’s favorite thing about being a designer is getting to participate in making people feel better about themselves.  The services provided by Christine—and all our stylists—lay the ground work for guests to be able to engage each day with a positive attitude, and that is something that, in turn, makes Christine’s “work” feel more like play.

Since Christine’s passion as a designer is so much about beauty as part of holistic wellness, working at an Aveda salon has been a perfect fit.  Aveda’s products and rituals are all geared toward enhancing the inner beauties of self-confidence, composure, and compassion.  Caring for one’s appearance isn’t just an external thing—it is meant to encourage positive outlook and action.

For Christine, answering the question “What does Aveda mean to you?” is simple: holistic beauty.