What does Aveda mean to you?

Anyone can go to aveda.com to research Horst Rechelbacher’s intertwining threads of holistic beauty, environmental responsibility, and Ayurvedic tradition.  But the essence of Aveda is more than a history lesson or a collection of philosophies.  It’s a lifestyle.  So we ask, what brings Aveda to life?

The short answer: People.  For every designer and every guest, Aveda means something different, which keeps the tradition alive, changing, and—most importantly—creative!

For starters, Aveda means high quality aesthetic services and products made for and with environmental awareness.  But this isn’t just a political statement on the global scale that’s sometimes hard to fathom.  Actually, working with nature begins with the nature of the individual.  Start with your natural self as the foundation of your artistic palette, and build up from there.  Instead of pursuing some artificial beauty at the expense of our wellness, instead of trying to fit ourselves into a cookie-cutter self-image that doesn’t match who we are and what we’re made of, Aveda gives us tools and products with organic sources that work with, not against, the unique natural starting point of each and every individual.  Aveda is about restoring balance, saving time, and conserving resources by pursuing true beauty through holistic wellness.

In my mind, this is the kind of beauty that steps off a bicycle with a Mona Lisa smile—she’s got a secret—to do her grocery shopping looking like a million bucks without spending a dime on gasoline.  This is the kind of beauty that isn’t afraid to use a little color to brighten everyone’s day.  This is the kind of beauty that knows dropping everything to enjoy a cup of tea is well worth the time.

Maybe all those details aren’t for everyone, but the main point is this: Aveda is the kind of beauty that does more with less—less waste, less expenditure, more investment in what matters for a lifetime of satisfaction.  Aveda is about creating, fostering, and working with the natural beauty of each individual as well as the planet we’re all a part of to bring about the kind of beauty that’s good for everyone.

In the coming weeks, watch this space for more on what Aveda means to each of the designers here at Gaia Salon and Spa.

For now, we’d love to hear from our guests!  What does Aveda mean to you?