Crystal’s Aveda: Hard Work, Family, and Daymaking

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to become an Aveda designer?  Next up in our “What does Aveda mean to you?” series, Crystal gives us a little peek into her journey from beauty school struggles to daymaking diva…

Hair styling did not come easy for Crystal; it’s not something for which she had an innate talent when she was starting out.  But that’s what made it a worthwhile accomplishment.  Despite not picking up the skills like a natural, she stuck with it, and her hard work has paid off.  Becoming a stylist was Crystal’s comeback–proof to the world that she has what it takes to make it.  Now that she’s been a successful designer at Gaia Salon and Spa for going on 12 years, it’s safe to say, thanks to her hard work, she has made it!

Gaia designer Crystal peeks out from behind a tree in a parking lot.Of course, she didn’t make it on her own.  Crystal’s career has not only been about hard work, but also about people investing in her.  After sticking it out through beauty school, Crystal continued to learn and grow as a designer in large part because of the Aveda family she found at Gaia.  She soon learned that Aveda is not just a line of products but a network of continuing education.  No other brand she has experienced has made such a concerted effort at providing top-quality resources and training for their designers to keep learning.  Crystal’s thriving career is due in large part to this ongoing professional development and the people around her who have made it possible.

On top of the way her Gaia family have helped Crystal along her journey, the most compelling aspect of working in the beauty industry, of course, is making someone’s day!  Crystal’s philosophy is all about her guests, just like the Gaia mantra.  Both the Gaia mission of “making a difference in the lives of our guests” and the atmosphere of altruistic beauty it sets up are what have kept Crystal at Gaia for so long.  For Crystal, being an Aveda designer means hard work, family, and being a daymaker.

So take some time out of your own hard-working schedule to come experience the Gaia atmosphere of constant self-improvement and creativity so you can walk out with your day made.  See you soon!