Make Every Day a Work of Art

One of my favorite things about working at Gaia is making myself a work of art every day.

Admittedly there are mornings when I’m in a hurry and wish I didn’t have to make the effort.

But all in all, working in an atmosphere that encourages and empowers everyday aesthetics has been delightful.  Gaia has been an enjoyable place to learn, practice, and appreciate various ways of playing with appearance.  Each day is a blank slate to create a new look!

What are my favorite ways to create?

1) Try something new with your makeup
One way I like to think about making my appearance a brand new work of art every day is by adding a new makeup “look” to my repertoire every so often.

YouTube, Pinterest, and other media outlets have millions of look-books and tutorials.  Find something you like and give it a whirl!

For best results, try it out when you’re not rushed.  Instead, use this learning experience as an excuse to “pause” your day.  Learning something new is the perfect way to refresh your mind as well as your face.

(Besides, it’s always fun to put on makeup for no other occasion than to pour yourself a cool drink.  Playing with makeup at the end of your day can turn dinner at home into a red carpet event just for you.)

After a few trial runs, you’ll have a new option to change up your morning makeup routine, giving you more flexibility and more creative possibilities to suit whatever mood strikes your fancy.

2) Try a new nail color
I especially like having painted toenails. It’s a simple way to add a subtle pop of color to your day.  In my mind, doing your toes has two definite benefits:

First, it can also be a good way to hit the “pause” button on your day.  Just take twenty minutes to hang out by yourself and do something mindlessly enjoyable.

Second, that “something enjoyable” doesn’t disappear.  Nail color is a long-lasting way to brighten each day, no thought or prep work required.  Always there.  Just wear sandals.

3) Try a new color combo
I recognize this won’t be for everyone, but in my book, contrast is the new matching; I love to wear unexpected color combinations.

My personal preferences aside, the pros tell us to choose colors across from each other on the “color wheel” to create a complimentary contrast.  Or you can build your outfit around the colors in that scarf you love but never wear.  Maybe it’s just a matter of choosing a brighter-than-normal accent color to go with your classic neutral look.

While trying out a color that’s new to you can be a little intimidating, let me reassure you that I tend to get the most compliments on the days when I wear the brightest colors.  It’s fun to make other people smile with a little bit of whimsy.

And remember…it’s just for a day.  If you decide you don’t like your new colors, there’s always tomorrow to change back.

So don’t be afraid to try something new…  Make every day a work of art!