GrandeLash At Gaia!

If you haven’t been in lately, check out the latest addition to our product line for your brows and lashes.  With three options to choose from, they have all our designers raving about the results!


Grande Lash-MD Clear Serum

  • This lash enhancing serum makes your natural lashes more eye-catching.
  • Lashes will look longer and thicker in 4-6 weeks…
  • And the serum can be used with lash extensions for an even bigger pop!


Grande Brow Clear Serum

  • Make your natural brows look fuller and bolder.
  • Serum fills in sparse or over-plucked areas in 6-8 weeks.
  • Conditions and tames coarse brow hairs.


Grande Drama Mascara

  • Intense thickening adds the perfect finish.
  • Provides stunning volume AND length instantly!
  • Come try it today…