A Workout For Your Face?

You may have seen the meme about a facial being a workout for your face…but what does that actually mean?

Just like having a stronger fitter body requires effort, having healthier more vibrant skin doesn’t happen by sitting on the sofa.

Lucky for you, a facial workout is the most relaxing one you’ll ever do…  Let your esthetician do the work to get your skin in shape!


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What are the results you’ll get from this workout?

  • Skin feels cleaner—the exfoliating stages of a facial will remove dead skin cells that haven’t sloughed off on their own, reducing buildup in your pores. You’ll feel fresh and energized.
  • Skin feels softer—the hydrating stages of a facial will replenish your skin, reducing wrinkles and smoothing the surface. You’ll feel young and vibrant.
  • You feel more relaxed—the combined aroma therapy and massage techniques will ease tension and give you time to just be. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to take on the day.

And of course each facial is customized at Gaia.  With multiple masques and moisturizers to choose from, Marianne will tailor the experience to your skin type, as well as any concerns you’d like targeted.  So get out of your office chair and come get a workout for your skin!