Varonika’s Aveda–Practice and Perfection

Beauty starts with practice and Varonika has had plenty of practice.  Arguably, her career in the beauty industry started when she was a kid watching YouTube videos and copying new hair styles or makeup trends on her friends and family.  Thanks to her passion and diligence, she has turned her talent into a career.  By working hard, she earned a full ride scholarship to the Midwest Technical Institute’s cosmetology program which eventually led her to us here at Gaia!

Now Varonika says, “I LOVE the reactions I get from clients at the end of a service when they love their hair.  Knowing that I played a little part in someone’s happiness” is what keeps her striving for perfection.

And of course Varonika’s ability to create stunning results is fueled in turn by the stellar Aveda products she works with.  Some of her favorites include:

  • Speed of Light—reduce blow drying time and use it to detangle wet hair.
  • Intense Hydrating Crème—crazy moisturizing smoothness for your face.
  • Stress Fix Cleansing Crème—purify your skin and refresh your senses.

All of these (and more—”it’s so hard to choose just one,” says Varonika) represent what Aveda is all about—natural beauty.  Varonika is confident “using every single product on each of our guests because I know that none of the ingredients are harmful to my guest or the environment.”  Working at an Aveda salon is the perfect atmosphere for her creativity—great products that are produced with concern for global social responsibility as well as environmental consciousness.

For Varonika, Aveda is beauty “the way the world should be.”