Yasmine’s Aveda: Creating Beauty, Leading the World

Yasmine Flores’ favorite part of being a Gaia team member is seeing how people walk out of the salon.  You can always tell that feeling beautiful also makes people feel more confident.  Which in turn makes us feel great, too!  Every time Yasmine checks out a guest, she asks how everything was, but it’s not just about quality control; it’s gratifying to us as salon employees to hear the confidence in our guests’ voices when they talk about their new style or updated look.

Yasmine’s favorite way to bring home that Aveda feeling is—no surprise—Cherry Almond shampoo and conditioner.  Of course it smells amazing, and it definitely works to make her long locks silky smooth.  But even more importantly, Yasmine sells and uses Aveda products with confidence that she can make the world a better place.  Aveda makes a positive impact not just with beauty products but with environmental leadership.

For example…

  • 90% of Aveda’s high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic bottles use a minimum of 80% post-consumer recycled material.
  • Aveda purchases carbon offsets for both electrical and natural gas use in the manufacture of their products.
  • On the premises of their Blaine, MN, headquarters, Aveda has worked with Audubon Minnesota to create nesting habitats for several species of birds.

These and many other accomplishments are what fuel Aveda’s amazing products and Gaia’s excellent customer service.  We care for people and we fight for the planet.  For Yasmine, then, Aveda means creating beauty while enacting environmental leadership.