Marianne’s Aveda: Natural and Unique

The best thing about working in the beauty industry for Marianne Williams is all the people she gets to meet.  And just as each person is naturally unique, Marianne gets to tailor her services with natural and unique Aveda products.

As our esthetician, Marianne loves to orchestrate the perfect spa effects for each guest.  Every cleanser, masque, and moisturizer is specifically designed to achieve results for a certain skin type by using natural ingredients.

Plus Aveda provides a wide variety of aromas to enhance the spa experience—in the salon or at home—by adding composition oils.  Composition oils are both aromatic and functional.  Each one is uniquely crafted with natural ingredients to give you a certain sensation.  Here are Marianne’s top three fragrances:

  • Beautifying
  • Cooling Balancing Oil
  • Stress-Fix

And there are more to choose from!  But beyond smelling amazing, Aveda’s composition oils are also versatile.  You can use them to:

  • Rub into your cuticles
  • Smooth over your skin after cleansing and before moisturizer
  • Remove makeup gently
  • Use as massage oil
  • Add to your bath

All of these diverse options mean one thing for Marianne; in her words, “Aveda is about using unique and natural products to create the best you possible!”  Unique guests deserve unique experiences, and Aveda helps Marianne tailor each spa day to fit each individual she meets.