Taeler’s Aveda: Self-Expression, Self-Exploration, Self-Love

Taeler Roberts has been a Guest Care Team member at Gaia Salon and Spa for three years.  It’s only natural that Taeler works at a salon since she has been fascinated by the beauty industry all her life.  Representing Aveda every day is the perfect fit for Taeler’s beauty journey.

From a young age, Taeler viewed makeup, hair color, and fashion as exciting forms of self-expression and self-exploration.  Her favorite after-school show was RuPaul’s Drag Race.  Watching the bold creativity of the drag queens, Taeler learned that beauty is an art form, a way of shaping and re-shaping your persona.  For Taeler, self-expression through her appearance became a way of exploring and discovering who you are on the inside.

The link between inner and outer beauty, of course, is what Aveda is all about, too.  As a Guest Care Team member, Taeler is proud to be involved with a brand that cares about both.  Taeler says, “Every Aveda family member I’ve met wants their guests to not only feel beautiful on the outside, but they want that love they feel when they leave to come from within.”  The beauty treatments that happen in the salon—whether hair design, color, or skin care—aren’t just surface-level changes.  They can also renew our sense of self-love.

Taeler’s definition of Aveda is short and sweet: “Aveda is beauty that comes from ourselves.”