How to Make 2019 More Colorful…

Looking for simple ways to liven up your everyday routine this year?  My go-to answer is adding color…

1) Try a new hair color.

You don’t have to be into drastic changes or neon rainbows to play with hair color.  Consider updating the undertones of your hair—Lighter? Darker? Pearly? More bronze?  A subtle purple sheen?

The nice thing about hair color is that it’s “temporarily permanent”—it’s a fun change that will stick with you for a whole season…and then you can change it again or let it grow out.

Meanwhile, your new hair is a ray of glory you don’t have to think about—it’s already there to make you smile every time you glimpse yourself in the mirror.

2) Choose a new lip color.

As long as you keep your natural skin tone in mind, you can’t go wrong with this idea.  Don’t be shy to try something new.

From deep burgundy to poppy red, from happy coral to subtle suede, there are so many possibilities to refresh your look each day or for the whole year…

3) Change up your aromatherapy.

Ok this isn’t a color exactly, but I find that you can put on a “colorful” mood by adding a new aroma to your day.  Aveda has just released a Shampure-scented candle and a Rosemary Mint one is on the way.

Or take some #smellslikeaveda with you by picking out a new composition oil, aroma spray, or body lotion to wear.  With this option, you don’t even have to look in the mirror to feel colorful and bright!

What are your favorite ways to cheer up the start of your year?