Zoey’s Aveda: Art and Integrity

Zoey Lewis became a hair stylist as a practical outlet for her natural creativity.  As an artist, she has found a supportive family in the Aveda community.  It all started in college when Zoey was an art student; she was particularly drawn to sculpture and painting.  Now she uses both of these skill sets to design great hairstyles for her guests!

For example, Zoey’s favorite color technique is balayage, which literally means “to paint.”  To create a balayage look, the designer hand-selects strands of hair to color.  She makes them either lighter or darker depending on the placement and the ultimate desired effect.  As a colorist, Zoey gets to paint every day.

And of course cutting hair is not unlike sculpture.  Zoey has to see the end result before she begins, and then her process is almost like “chipping away” the hair at the correct angles to reveal the goddess within.  She uses her artist’s understanding of creating three-dimensional figures every time she gives a haircut.

Zoey’s daily practice of art fits right in with Aveda’s tag line: “the art and science of pure flower and plant essences.”  While Zoey clearly has the “art” of Aveda on lock, she also appreciates the “science” of Aveda, too.  Aveda works hard to provide products that are reliable and also produced with responsible business practices.  Zoey is 100% confident in how the products will work, which allows her to be 100% confident in talking to her guests about creating and maintaining a work of art with their hair.  Being an Aveda designer makes Zoey part of a family she is proud to stand behind.

For Zoey, Aveda is all about art and integrity.