Aveda’s Mantra for Perfectly Styled Hair

‘Tis the season for holiday hair.  Trying to decide what to wear to that party?

Any web search will turn up a multitude of options and tutorials.  The Aveda blog certainly has several stunners to choose from.

But the girls at the salon all seem to agree that less is more.  The best way to wear your holiday hair is to let it all hang out!

Our products and services are all about nourishing and maintaining your beautiful hair naturally. So why not show it off by wearing it down?

Follow this Aveda mantra to ensure your hair looks its best: prep, style, finish.


“Less is more” starts as soon as you step out of the shower.  Be careful not to rub your hair dry—gently pat and squeeze your hair with your towel so you don’t encourage frizz.

Preserve your hair’s smoothness by choosing a style-prep product. 

If you plan to use heat tools, a solid go-to is Aveda’s new Speedof Light spray.  This multi-benefit product reduces the amount of time it takes to blow dry your hair and adds layers of protection against damage and frizz for all hair types.

On top of this, or if you prefer to let your hair air dry, Aveda has a range of options specific to your hair type—Be Curly, Smooth Infusion, or Pure Abundance—that will keep your tresses healthy and tame.


After your prep products have established your hair’s defenses against frizz, heat, and the elements, it’s time to add a style product to bring out the best of your natural hair type.

Whether your hair responds best to the lasting silkiness of Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener or the extra definition of Be Curly Curl Enhancer—or anything in between—this step adds to the way your hair does its own thing.

With these first two steps in place, you can blow dry, air dry, straighten, or curl.



Once you’ve protected your hair with a style-prep or two and emphasized your hair’s natural beauty with a styling product and your favorite tools, you’re ready to put on the finishing touch.

Our designers’ votes for a favorite are split between either Control Force—firm hold hair spray that adds an extra layer of frizz-defying protection—or Texture Tonic—adding shiny, touchable, tousled texture, perfect for air dried hair.

However you decide to mix it up this holiday season, don’t forget to use the hashtags #mostwonderfulyou and #aveda to share your holiday hair!