How to Battle Winter Dryness

While winter can be beautiful, it also comes with a little extra inconvenience.  It’s cold, sometimes wet, and whatever the conditions, they always end up drying out your skin and hair.

But Aveda experts are ready with advice on how to stay moisturized despite the adverse effects of the colder months.  Just like the best part of a winter wardrobe, their #1 tip is…layers!

Layers for Skin

A complete skincare regiment always involves multiple steps, but these become even more important in winter.

One way to add moisture in the cold dry months is by swapping your regular cleanser for a crème cleanser.

Or you can add in the use of an oil—choose from Aveda’s Tulasara Radiant Oleation Oil or any Composition Oil.  Worked into damp skin right after a shower, this extra step before your moisturizer sets the tone for smooth skin no matter the weather.

Layers for Lips

Chapped lips are often a challenge, sometimes even painful and unsightly.

The first step to prep your pout is to exfoliate.  A gentle method is to dip your washcloth in warm water and use it to smooth away dead skin cells on your lips.

Then you’re ready for Aveda’s layers of “nourish-mint,” starting with Feed My Lips Renewing Lip Treatment to add moisture, followed by Lip Saver to lock it in.

Layers for Hair

Winter’s dryness can also be combated with some extra layers on your hair.

If you don’t already use one, add a leave-in conditioner such as Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair to increase moisture and fight frizz.

Another bonus step is to use a hair masque once a week.  The Dry Remedy masque is a classic go-to for extra moisture, but there are many others to choose from depending on your hair type.

Last but not least, there’s always the trusted anti-static stand-by: hair spray!  Try spraying some Air Control on a tissue and then using it to smooth down your flyaways.  And of course a few spritzes are a  great way to reduce clinginess in your clothes, too.

Find out what other Aveda tips and tricks these two blog posts have in store for the season, and explore their website to learn more…