Best Beauty Regimen Ever?

This week our nation takes a moment to—theoretically—reflect on our prosperity.

There are lots of ways to focus on the things we’ve been blessed with: How many family members can we fit in our house at one time?  How many calories can we fit in our mouths in a 24 hour space?  How many deals can we squeeze out of Black Friday?

While all of these things can be fun (or not) there’s one thing that is guaranteed to make the Thanksgiving holiday a success: gratitude.

Easier said than done, though, right?

The tricky thing about gratitude is that it requires us to let go of a little bit of control, give credit to someone other than myself.  But I challenge each of us (even in the midst of our own busy to-do lists, pacifying altercating uncles and wrangling screaming toddlers) to look for, stop, and appreciate those things that are the result of others’ hard work and good will.

The result?  It will brighten up your eyes, reverse the creases of worry, and smooth those lips into a smile just as stunning as any color you could choose (and it won’t smudge).  Practicing gratitude imparts a beauty more natural and effective than any product even Aveda can create.

What are your favorite ways of staying thankful in the busy holiday season?