Danielle’s Aveda—All About the Earth and All About the Guest

What does Aveda mean to our stylist Danielle Hubka?  Having been an Aveda designer for 4 years, two overarching values have emerged as the mainstays of her career: Aveda’s commitment to environmentally friendly and socially responsible products as well as the company’s abiding emphasis on guest care.

First, Aveda has been a perfect fit for Danielle because she chooses to live Vegan.  As a result, she is particularly proud of the company’s environmental and fair-trade initiatives, seeking to set the standard for global business practices that do good rather than harm.  For example:

  • the company is 100% wind powered
  • all of their packaging contains significant amounts of post-consumer recycled content
  • they never allow testing on animals
  • Aveda builds fair-trade partnerships with the people who supply their specialty botanicals, acting as a steady and conscientious buyer

Aveda is a company to be proud of in Danielle’s book.

Beyond caring for the planet and its people on a global scale, Aveda is also about caring for the individual, and this is the second thing Danielle loves about being a designer here.  Aveda believes in drawing out each person’s innate beauty “from scalp to sole”—head to foot—and from inside out, treating a person’s inner well-being with relaxing aromas and massage rituals in addition to providing professional hair treatments.

For Danielle, though, guest-oriented service goes beyond a calming scalp massage and a fabulous haircut.  Hands down her favorite part of being a designer is getting to know her guests. She doesn’t just provide a service but also engages in real conversation.  Danielle adds to Aveda’s philosophy of whole-guest care by seeing each person as an opportunity to learn something new.

You’re invited to come meet Danielle, yourself, and celebrate with her the success Aveda continues to have as a ground-breaking environmentally friendly and socially responsible company that also provides excellent holistic beauty care for each individual.  See you soon!