Sneak Peeks from Aveda Congress 2018

Please pardon the week we took off…  Last weekend, our designers celebrated Aveda’s 40th anniversary by traveling to Minneapolis, MN, for the annual Aveda Congress!  After three action-packed days of cutting-edge tutorials, mind-blowing hair displays, and inspiring speakers, everyone came home talking about these super-exciting upcoming releases:

Eyebrow pencils—early 2019
That’s right: Aveda is introducing their own eyebrow pencil.  These little gems are getting rave reviews after the preview our designers got at Congress.  As always, not only will this beauties rock your daily routine, but they’re also environmentally friendly, responsibly sourced, and were created with cruelty-free research.  Get excited.

Clean Water Initiative—April 2019
Another thing everyone mentioned when they got home from Congress was the new clean water initiative that will be featured for Earth Month 2019.  Since 1999, Aveda has been invested in providing clean water in developing countries, and this coming April, the company will continue its quest by partnering with a new organization called “Charity: Water.”

What sets this charity apart?  Transparency.

One of the biggest reasons many people don’t often donate to charities is because they’re never sure where their money is going.  Charity: Water is changing all that.  Their work is done through 100% public donations, and they’re big on providing proof of the good that money does.  Their website maps GPS coordinates of new wells in addition to charting water flow data from remote sensors, so donors can see the impact of their dollars at work!

Cherry Almond Body Care—TBA
Last but not least is a secret that’s just too hard to keep.  The fragrance you’ve come to know and love as Aveda’s softening shampoo and conditioner will soon be available in body care products as well!  More details when they become available…

Now that everyone’s home and back into their routines, we’re gearing up for the holiday season (don’t miss Open House on November 11) and lots of things to look forward to in the new year.  In the meantime, go with hope and gratitude!