Split End Repair in a Bottle

We’ve all been there… it’s too early for another haircut but we have spit ends! Whether it’s from heat styling, blow drying, or sun damage, split ends are part of a lot of our hair problems.

What if I told you that you could repair the damage temporarily until your next haircut and get the look of healthy, smooth hair in seconds?

Announcing Aveda’s newest product in the damage remedy line up, Split End Repair!

Split end repair seals in the ends of your hair to give it a healthy, smooth, shiny finish that looks like you just stepped out of the hair salon. Split end repair uses nangai oil, which helps attract separated ends back together, giving you repair that lasts through your next wash and helps prevent future splits from happening.

Now you may be wondering, is this a replacement for my next haircut? The simple answer is no, you still need regular haircuts to keep hair healthy. However, using the split end repair as part of your maintenance is a way of preventing from having to cut off more than you want at your next appointment!

To use it simply add a small amount, about half a pea, to the tops of your finger tips and smooth over the ends of dry styled hair. Bonus: a little goes a long way, so don’t get carried away with how much you use!

split end repair