NEW Customized Color Consultations


As a team we are now offering a NEW Customized Color Consultation to all of our guest. We listened and heard what was important to you.

We now require this 30 minute service for all of our new guest before we schedule any color service. To serve you the best that we can we feel that it is important for us to get to know you, your lifestyle, what you currently like and don’t like about your hair and what your expectations are for maintenance. We also know that your time is important and we want to make sure we allow enough for the service that will best suit you and your hair.

During this 30 minute service we promise that you will receive:
*3 options for your hair color
*You will know the amount of time you will be with us during the service
*You will know the exact price that it will cost
*You will know the current health of your hair
*You will leave with all of this in writing

3 Questions You Should Ask Your Colorist & We promise you won’t have to ask us because we will tell you

1. How much maintenance does this color require?
If you can not commit to coming into the salon every four to six weeks, explain this to your colorist. They have the knowledge and experience to find a color schedule that fits into your life.

2. How much money is this going to cost me?
Don’t be shy. Ask up front how much your color is going to cost and have your colorist break it down so you know what you are paying for. If it’s over your budget, speak up. Sometimes a few strategically placed highlights can take the place of a partial highlight and bring the cost down a bit.

3. What products should I use to maintain my color?
Please listen to your colorist when they recommend products to maintain the longevity and shine of your color. These products are formulated to combat fading and dulling caused by all types of environmental elements.

Helpful hints:
As colorists, we sometimes lapse into “hair” speak; commonplace to us, but If you don’t understand exactly what a colorist means by words like “warm” or ” chunky”, ask them to explain differently or show you a picture.
Compare the thickness of your desired highlights to pasta. Seriously. Most people know the difference in thickness between fettucini and spaghetti.
Caramel, mahogany, and chestnut are different colors to different people. Use pictures to show your colorist what you desire. We heart pictures.
Tell your stylist about your occupation, kids or no kids, frequent travel or homebody, Britney Spears or The Clash, etc. These details may seem like small talk, but over time they go a long way towards helping your colorist customize the perfect color to fit your personality.

We hope these questions help you wether your a guest of ours or another professional salon.