What does superior continuing education look like for a salon?

At Gaia Salonspa we are continually  stretching ourselves like a  rubber band to expand our  knowledge.  Just like when you stretch a rubber band, we feel the tension of the stretch. That stretch tells us we are always looking to grow with our team and the needs of our guests.  As a company we ask our team members to attend a minimum of 32 hours of advanced training outside of our salon a year. We support this by matching their funds up to $500. Advanced training is an investment that as a salon we feel is the most vital thing we do for ourselves and our guests.

Advance training takes our team from the Little Apple to the Big Apple where the Aveda Advanced Academy is located in SOHO. We are very fortunate to have access to Aveda training all over the United States (a little secret our team members LOVE to travel) and as close as Kansas City.

We will share our travels and what we learn with you here on our blog.