Trashinista or fashionista?

A huge wave in recycled fashions has taken over the clothing industry, the green movement inspiring environmentally aware designers to get creative in eco-friendly ways. The trick is keeping the fashion wearable. Wearing tires, candy wrappers, recycled billboard ads, juice boxes or audio cassette tapes doesn’t sound appealing, but garbage couture can be quite hip. Implications – The rise of environmentalism has caused creatives in every industry to create products made from recycled items. Fashion designers have especially embraced these new “green” materials. Creative professionals can take advantage of this opportunity by recycling trash and other refuse into functional, fashionable items for retail sale. The purses made from AVEDA magazines are especially cute and coveted. Mens belts made from recycled tires are steampunk fantastic, and lately we have seen wedding rings made from old horseshoe nails and precious gems like rubies and diamonds reclaimed from vintage jewelry. Get creative ladies and gentelmen. Let’s recycle, reuse and repurpose with style!