NYC Fashion Week post 1 from Chicago

So we are on our way and Thanks to Andrea, Britni made it to MHK airport with time to spare. Trying to figure out how to download pictures from my iPad 🙂 great picture of Britni this morning at the airport. I also want to post all of my gear that I had to bring just to style hair for this thing called Fashion Week. Very excited to have this opportunity to share my experience this week with all of you. We get started later today by stopping by the Aveda Academy to pick up our Aveda products for the week. Mmmmmm I hope it all fits in my bag. Looks like our flight into New York is running on time even though they are having a lot of rain – good thing I packed my umbrella. That’s all for now until I figure out how to upload my photos. I’ll post tonight our schedule for the week and some photos. That’s all from Chicago 🙂