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22 Jul Expand your Margins

We've all been encouraged to “expand your horizons.”  Everywhere we look, we're encouraged to try new things. Live life to the full.  Leave no stone unturned. Do more! I’m all for staying open to new experiences, but what about expanding your margins? What? What does it mean to...

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24 Jun High-Tech Hydration from AVEDA

Have you tried the latest creation from Aveda?  Sap Moss shampoo and conditioner offer high-tech hydration for all hair types with responsibly-sourced plant-based components.   How it works: Positively charged and negatively charged ingredients in the shampoo attract together to keep the cuticle smoothed down and saturated...

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18 Jun GrandeLash At Gaia!

If you haven’t been in lately, check out the latest addition to our product line for your brows and lashes.  With three options to choose from, they have all our designers raving about the results!   Grande Lash-MD Clear Serum This lash enhancing serum makes your natural...

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