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How to Battle Winter Dryness

While winter can be beautiful, it also comes with a little extra inconvenience.  It’s cold, sometimes wet, and whatever the conditions, they always end up drying out your skin and hair. But Aveda experts are ready with advice on how to stay moisturized despite the adverse effects of the colder months.  Just like the best… Read more »


What Aveda Means to Mindy

Continuing our search for what Aveda means to each of our designers, we begin to sense a pattern.  As it turns out, long-time Gaia designer Mindy also says Aveda is all about education and family.  The ongoing learning opportunities provided by her support network at Gaia and beyond mean Mindy’s creativity can stay sharp and… Read more »


Split End Repair in a Bottle

We’ve all been there… it’s too early for another haircut but we have spit ends! Whether it’s from heat styling, blow drying, or sun damage, split ends are part of a lot of our hair problems. What if I told you that you could repair the damage temporarily until your next haircut and get the… Read more »