The New Normal in Caring For You

  • We’ll greet you VERBALLY (no hugs or handshakes).
  • ALL team and guests MUST wear a mask.
  • We will NOT be offering beverages at this time.
  • No one with a fever may enter the building.
  • Please wash your hands and sanitize upon arrival.
  • When you arrive WE will text you to let you know when your service provider is ready.
  • If you need any products, please ask our team for assistance.
  • Stay comfy, we now do scheduling and check out from your chair.
  • We are limiting guests inside the salon and we ask you don’t bring friends or children in.
  • Download our app to schedule and check out from your phone: Pocket Salon.
  • All of our TEAM has been retrained and certified in sanitation guidelines.
  • We have removed any non-essential ITEMS throughout our business.

Be Well,