Madi’s Aveda: Fun People and Fantastic Products

For Madi Hynek, being an Aveda team member is all about putting people first and finding products that work.

Madi was drawn to the beauty industry because she loves meeting new people.  Whether helping a guest choose the right product, scheduling a future reservation, or just checking them in, Madi enjoys learning from each person’s experiences and perspectives.  In turn, her interactions with guests help Madi learn about herself as well.  Working at a busy salon is the perfect fit for Madi to engage with and learn from diverse people.

In addition to learning about people (herself included), Madi’s experience with Aveda also revolves around learning about products.  Each formula is carefully crafted for a specific purpose, so there is always lots to learn!  The thing Madi loves most about Aveda products is that they are designed to work with your hair.  They maintain its integrity rather than weakening it.  Out of all the amazing products she gets to work with, Madi has two recommendations for everyone:

  • Because she’s a self-proclaimed “lazy college girl,” Texture Tonic is at the top of her list.  She says it’s perfect “for days that I don’t want to do much to my hair.”  In college or not, we can all identify with days like that!
  • Madi is also a fan of Aveda’s Dry Remedy and Damage Remedy products since they nurture her hair to withstand the processes of lightening, coloring, and styling.  Strong hair is beautiful hair!

Choosing the right products for her own hair helps her learn about which products are right for each guest.  Plus interacting with our guests helps her learn about herself.  So for Madi, Aveda means “knowledge.”