Mary’s Aveda: Education, Inspiration, Family

In an earlier post, we asked the question, “What does Aveda mean to you?

For Gaia SalonSpa designer and owner, Mary Fischer, Aveda means education, inspiration, and family.

Education is certainly where it all started.  Before she ever dreamed of entering the beauty industry, Mary was a student of education.  After finishing a bachelor’s in teaching, she went out on a limb by going to cosmetology school.  Here, she felt a little out of place since she hadn’t “always known” she wanted to do hair for a living like most of her peers.  But being brand new to the industry put her in a position to learn, which is what lights her fire.  Since then, her journey as an Aveda designer has continued to be all about the inspiration of education.

Gaia SalonSpa designer and owner leans against a rustic building.Now, as salon owner, education and inspiration go hand in hand every day because no matter whether she’s teaching or learning, she’s part of something exciting, something new being created.  Whether she’s training a new designer or learning from that new designer by encountering fresh ways of approaching problems and techniques, Mary gains equal joy.  For Mary, being an Aveda salon owner is her daily dose of inspiration.

Providing opportunities for inspiration and continuing education have made Aveda like an extended family of like-minded people for Mary.  Online training is always accessible through Aveda’s website for designers and advisers.  But more than just the sharing of passive information, other Aveda designers and salon owners have actively and personally been quick to respond any time Mary has expressed a need.  Aveda is a company that not only leads the way in revolutionary socially and environmentally responsible business practices, it is also full of people who are there whenever you ask.  Aveda is family.

So at the end of the day, Mary Fischer’s relationship with Aveda has combined three of her most prized aspects of life: education, inspiration, and family.

What does Aveda mean to you?