How to Keep Stress at Bay

Thanks to Aveda’s “scalp to soul” philosophy we are reminded that beauty is as much inner virtue as outer care.  But in the rush of our day-to-day, sometimes stress throws a wrench into our best efforts at living beautifully from within.  How can we combat the temptation to fall into a funk?  That’s what the Living Aveda wellness blog is all about: simple tips to change your mind set in a moment!

My personal favorites?

Put Some Lipstick On!  A quick reminder to be confident, a pop of color not only brightens your own face but also makes others notice and brighten up too.  It’s a simple way to make yourself a positive force wherever you go.  (#5 from the Oct 20, 2017 “8 Easy and Swift Wellness Tips” post)

Put a Composition Oil to Work.  Embrace the power of scent.  The first thing you notice when you walk into the salon is “It smells like Aveda.”  Put that peaceful-yet-invigorating feeling to work with Aveda composition oils, body lotions, or hair mists every day!  (#3 from the Feb 2, 2018 “At-Home Spa Night” post)

Learn How to Say “No Thanks!”  A bit of bravery can pay off dividends in peace of mind.  Setting healthy boundaries on how much time you give away and how much time you keep for yourself is an important way to maintain your inner beauty.  (#5 from the July 20, 2018 “7 Simple Ways to Relax on the Weekend” post)

What are your favorite tips and tricks for pursuing wellness and cultivating a positive attitude?