Summer Essentials for Your Hair


1. Wear a hat.
2. Do regular deep conditioning treatment.
3. Use a shampoo to detoxify your hair (ie. getting rid of chlorine, mineral, and salt build up.

Here are a few that you may not know…
We all know that the sun + hair color = fading, but did you know the wind can also wreak havoc on your hair? So when driving with the windows open, or boating etc. try to have your hair in either braids, or a bun. This will also keep your hair from matting into tangles.

Even better, before you put your hair in braids or a bun, run a leave-in treatment or conditioning masque throughout the mid-shafts and ends. This will protect your hair, and leave it super soft and shiny when to take a shower later.

If you swim laps, this is a great thing to do before you put your swim cap on. The heat from your head will give you a great conditioning treatment. Just remember to keep conditioner away from roots or your swim cap will slip off!

Jump under a stream of tap water before entering a pool. Think of a sponge. If the sponge is dry, it will absorb a ton of water; but a wet sponge is going to absorb much less water. So make your hair a wet sponge with the tap water so it doesn’t soak up so much chlorine.

We all know the benefits of sunscreen, but now they have UVA/UVB filters for your hair. Aveda’s Sun Care Protective Veil is a lightweight mist that helps prevent fading while moisturizing your hair.

Hope these tips help keep your hair healthy and shiny throughout the heat of summer!