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29 Oct The Kinzie Jo Glow

Please help me give a warm welcome to our newest esthetician, Kinzie Jo Nelson!

As soon as you meet Kinzie Jo, it doesn’t take long to realize how much she loves people and how much she loves skincare.  For her, the two definitely go together!  It’s her business to make faces glow, both with her skincare expertise and her own bubbly personality.

What are the tools of her trade?  Here are her favorite ways of giving our guests the most radiant healthy skin:


Cleanse, steam, and rehydrate…each step reveals your skin’s natural beauty.  Kinzie Jo loves making your face feel fresh with this important part of your wellness routine.


Kinzie uses a professional scalpel technique to remove the top layer of dead skin and debris from your face.  Used regularly, this is the best option for combating severe acne.

High Frequency Treatment

This gentle treatment sends a tingly electric current through your skin to kill bacteria on the surface, stimulate collagen production for firmer skin, and reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs.

So come in to experience your own dose of the Kinzie Jo glow.  She’ll help you select the treatments that are right for you, and you’ll leave feeling radiant from the inside out.

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