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09 Sep Maryanna’s Aveda: Individualized Creativity

Allow me to introduce one of our newest team members: Maryanna Porter!

Maryanna’s aesthetic journey includes not just work in the beauty industry but in fashion as well.  Her transition to Gaia and her newfound love of Aveda is all about creativity.

Maryanna’s artistic side found its first outlet in creating works of crochet.  Everything from scarves, to sweaters, to scrunchis—Maryanna can make it with a crochet hook!  This girl loves crafting something out of nothing, making one-of-a-kind garments for each individual.

Maryanna’s love of creating an individualized look for each crochet order blossomed into a penchant for cosmetology as well.  Even back in high school, she enjoyed designing hairstyles for her friends and doing makeup.  Now, rather than taking a job behind the chair or in the spa, though, Maryanna’s place is at the front of the salon where her bubbly personality is perfect for creating a welcoming atmosphere, making guests feel right at home.

And Maryanna feels right at home with Aveda products because of their holistic approach to creativity.  Aveda formulas work with as many natural ingredients as possible, the company works with developing communities to source those ingredients responsibly, and the resulting products are designed to work with the natural tendencies of each individual’s hair and skin.  Rather than superimposing “beauty” on our bodies, Aveda seeks to reveal beauty from within, naturally.  Maryanna’s favorite thing about Aveda is this holistic approach to what it means to be beautiful—being good to the planet, being good to others, and being good to your body.

So working at an Aveda salon is the cherry on top of Maryanna’s creative journey from one-of-a-kind fashion to holistic beauty.  Maryanna is all about individualized creativity.

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