01 Jul Kari’s Aveda–Love and Transformation

Kari Watts is back!

This Cali girl has come back to Gaia and brings an individualized and transformative approach to hair cutting and men’s grooming with her.  From her cutting skills to her Aveda product knowledge, Kari just couldn’t live without being an Aveda designer.

Kari’s favorite thing about working with hair and aesthetics is the instant transformation she can create for a guest.  Especially now that she is specializing in men’s grooming, she gets to focus on the technical skills of matching a style to her guest’s natural characteristics.  Taking into account head shape, face shape, and length of hair is like a 3-D puzzle that provides a new challenge for Kari and handsome results for each guest.

While a tailored hair cut can be transformative, Kari also loves the transformation of introducing her guests to simple products that deliver amazing effects.  Demonstrating how quick and easy it is to use a well-selected product is another way Kari gets to watch her guests take ownership of a new aesthetic and transform their approach to self-care.

And self-care, of course, is the end goal for everything Kari loves about being an Aveda designer.  The holistic mindset behind Aveda’s products is right in line with Kari’s personal motivation.  Helping each guest change how he feels about his hair and his aesthetic is only one part of the possible transformation.  It’s just smart to take care of yourself holistically—from what you eat to how you groom yourself—and Kari loves being one small stepping stone in each guest’s journey toward being good to himself.

So for Kari, Aveda is all about transformative self-care and being in love with what she does.

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